Ich führe an or auf der Bühne auf. Which preposition is correct here?

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    What do you think is correct? Why do you think so? Why do you think only one of them is correct? Why not a third preposition? In which context do you want to use this sentence? I voted -1 because this question does not show any research effort. Mar 31 at 17:51

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This depends on whether the action happens at the stage or on stage.

Das Stück wird an der Schaubühne aufgeführt.

This means that the play is performed at the Schaubühne (that's a theatre in Berlin).

Das Stück wird auf der Bühne aufgeführt.

While this means it's performed on stage rather than right between the audience.

Das Stück wird an der Bühne aufgeführt.

And this means it's performed next to the stage rather than on it.


Something I've learned with prepositions just recently that really helped with understanding their "true" meaning is that the actual meaning of them adapts according to the case.

The tricky ones are the prepositions that can take both the Accusative and Dative forms. How I sort of think of it is:

an - acc = "onto/towards", "to"

an - dat = "at/on"

auf - acc = "upon"

auf - dat = "on"

Not saying these are 1x1 comparisons (since they're not entirely), but my point is that prepositions meaning slightly changes based on the case and if a verb accepts certain prepositions.

Unlike say in Spanish where you can pretty much say "en" (english: in, on, at) for a lot of things, German is a more rigid version of that where what you say, the case in which you say it, on top of if the verb accepts it, does in fact matter significantly in the prepositions meaning.

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