Are both "Ich habe ein Auto so schön wie dieses gesehen" and "Ich habe so ein schönes Auto wie dieses gesehen" correct?

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    Do you see any reasons why one of them or both could be incorrect? Simply asking "Is this correct?" is a proofreading request, and these are off-topic on German SE.
    – RHa
    Commented Apr 18 at 6:38
  • "Can I use a comparison with "so... wie..." as an attribute?" Commented Apr 18 at 8:10

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Yes, both are correct, but they mean different things.

So(lch) ein schönes Auto wie dieses …
⇆  (Such) a beautiful car like this …

Ein Auto so schön wie dieses …
⇆  A car (that is) as beautiful as this one …

  • Thank you for the answer. Could you maybe share what type of phrase "so schön wie dieses" is, as an attribute to "Auto"? Commented Apr 18 at 10:55

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