An adjective/adverb follows "desto": Desto besser. What if I have a phrase like "verbunden sein" or "vertraut sein", where can I put the adjective?

Can I put it directly behind the comparison?

Je mehr man sich kennenlernt, desto besser vertraut ist man miteinander.
Je mehr man lernt, desto hervorragender gebildet kann man wirken.


Je mehr man sich kennenlernt, desto besser ist man miteinander vertraut.

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All of these examples are grammatical. I find "hervorragender gebildet" a somewhat weird phrase (with or without "desto"); usually you would say just "gebildeter", but they are still all grammatical.

  • And we also do not say "mehr kennenlernen" but "näher kennenlernen".
    – Rottweiler
    Apr 19 at 13:26

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