Sollte keine Einigung erzielt werden, droht den USA Mitte des Monats die Zahlungsunfähigkeit, die ihrerseits schwerwiegende Folgen für die Weltwirtschaft haben könnte.

The meaning of ihrerseits is "for their part". However, I can't quite see how it fits in here. Does it mean more like "in turn" (i.e. "wiederum") here?

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Ihrerseits means there for her part (in this case, as infered from the context, not the third person in plural). Meaning that, for the part of the Zahlungsunfähigkeit, not from the part of the USA.

Actually I don't see any problem with your interpretation either: for wiederum stands for meinerseits, deinerseits, ihrerseits,... (c.f. 3rd meaning here)

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    Just to clarify: the adverb 'ihrerseits' can be referring to a plural 3rd-person (and, when capitalised, the formal 2nd-person 'you') as well as the feminine 3rd-person singular. In this quote it's the feminine singular because it refers to the feminine noun Zahlungsunfähigkeit.
    – TehMacDawg
    Oct 4, 2013 at 7:42

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