I'm searching on Internet the similar word of "join" in a sense to join a group, for example if I see some people talking together how is the better way I can say

"Can I join the conversation"

in German?

I've already found some results, but this doesn't help me so much.

Thanks in advance.

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The translation of join is rather context-dependent, and I agree that a dictionary might not provide the full details required for every situation.

Regarding the concrete example you cited,

Can I join the conversation?

the translation would be

Darf ich (auch) mitreden?
Darf ich mich einmischen?

There are also some variants like

Stört es dich/Sie, wenn ich mich einmische? (lit. "Do you mind if I barge in?", or more loosely "May I weigh in?" or "May I interrupt?")

sich einmischen literally means to barge in or to interfere, and is used in a somewhat self-deprecating manner here to make the question more polite.

If you have other concrete examples on your mind, feel free to edit your question and we can help out.

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I'll go for a more general answer. If you want to join ongoing activities the most common way would be to "mitverben"

Kann ich mitspielen/singen/reden/machen.

If you want to join "officially" constituted social bodies like a club or something you'd use beitreten or eintreten or Mitglied werden bei*

Ich bin ein einen Golfclub eingetreten / einem Golfclub beigetreten /bei einem Golfclub Mitglied geworden.

If you are joining groups that are groups solely because of characteristics they share, then you'd use "jetzt/auch dazu gehören"

Ich gehöre jetzt auch zum Club der 30er.

Ich gehöre jetzt auch zu den Hartzern.


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