Ich habe einiges in meinem Wagen vergessen. Ich komme gleich zurück.

I forgot some things in my car. I'll be back in a second.

Ich hatte früher viele CDs der Beatles. Einiges davon habe ich verlegt.

I used to have many Beatle Cds. Some of them i have misplaced.

Do you have any alternatives for "einiges" ?

  • Except that it needs to be "Einige" in the second example (because CDs is plural), the sentences are grammatically correct and will be understood. – PMF Jan 7 '14 at 7:02

Einige can be translation for some but in many cases ein paar is the better choice.

Ich habe ein paar Sachen im Auto vergessen.

Ich hatte früher viele Panthera Cds. Ein paar davon habe ich verloren.

The thing is, that einige also means "quite a few". This is clear when it comes with a strong emphasis.

Ich muss noch EINIGES lernen.

This is quite far from

I have to learn SOME things.

Even without the emphasis, this second meaning is kind of there and especially in writing I would be tempted to take it for a "quite a few" as a first guess. That's why ein paar is preferable.

Side note: Using verlegen with books and CDs is an unlucky choice because the verb also means to publish. I'd go for

Ein paar davon finde ich nicht mehr./sind irgendwie weg.


einige- = some

For the first one, I think you'd just say

Ich habe etwas im Auto vergessen (=I forgot something in the car)


Ich habe einige Dinge im Auto vergessen (=I left some things in the car)

As for the 2nd one, einige- is a declinable word specifically a plural indefinite article so in this example there are multiple CDs so it gets an -e

Einige davon habe ich verlegt. (=I've misplaced some of them)

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