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Why does my mother use the German word 'die' in front of my given name sometimes? [duplicate]

Growing up, it was very common for my mother & other family members use the German particle 'die' in front of my given name in conversation, such as: 'Die Natascha war schon mal gestern im Kino," ...
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Namen und Vornamen mit definitem Artikel [duplicate]

In meiner Schulzeit verwendeten wir unsere Vornamen und Namen immer mit definitem Artikel: Der Andreas hat gesagt, dass der Herr Schultz in Deutsch ... Wie verbreitet ist dieser Sprachgebrauch?
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“dass sie es dem Werther gleichtaten” – what does the article mean here? [duplicate]

Eine tragische Liebesgeschichte, die manche Leser so ergriff, dass sie es dem Werther gleichtaten und ihrem irdischen Dasein ein Ende setzten. As Werther is a name for a person, what does dem stand ...
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Why would someone use an article before a name [duplicate]

I was being introduced to my colleagues by my boss and I noticed the use of the article die before my name. Why would someone call a proper name out with an article attached??
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Ist es unhöflich, Vornamen mit Artikel zu erwähnen?

Klingt es unhöflich die Vornamen, mit einem vorgestellten Artikeln zu sagen? z.B. Der Hans ist bei der Helga.
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Difference between "ihr" and "dessen"

If I want to say: “He is their son”, which is correct: Er ist ihr Sohn. Er ist deren Sohn. What is the difference (if any) between ihr and deren in the meaning of their?
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Using definite article with people's names

So, in looking at some fairly basic German conversations, I came across the following: Hallo, wie heißt du? Ich heiße Susanne. Und du? Ich bin der Martin. Und wer ist das? Das ist meine Freundin, ...
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Word Order for complex sentences?

In the sentence Die Tests gibt euch dann morgen der Markus zurück. the structure is [Objekt] [Verb] [Objekt] [Adverbiale] [Subjekt] [Rest of the Verb] Is it possible and grammatically correct, ...
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How do you introduce yourself on the phone in German?

When I call somebody I know in English, the call typically starts with something like this: them> Hello? me> Hi, it's Michael. How does that exchange go in German? Typically somebody will answer ...
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Der/die/das as demonstrative pronouns: intonation, politeness and difference with dieser/diese/dieses

Three related questions: First, I'm interested in knowing if there is any difference in the usage of der, die, das,... and dieser, diese, dieses,.... For instance z.B. Ich habe zwei Hunde. {Der |...
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How do you ask "who is this?" when someone knocks at your door in German?

With no prior knowledge of this, I would say Wer ist das? MY question is related to what I read here It's a page from the Italian version of ...
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Common Self-Introduction in German

Darf ich mich vorstellen? It is written in many textbooks as a first phrase to learn. However, since I came to Germany a while ago. I have never heard anyone uses such a phrase on a daily basis. ...
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When is ‘er’ replaceable with ‘der’?

This question also has an answer here (in German): Artikel anstelle von Personalpronomen Why is der used in the following example sentences (from online dictionaries) in place of simply er? Would ...
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What does "eben" mean in "Und da weckt mich eben die Therese"?

The question on eben that occurs toward the end of this excerpt from Der Verschollene by Kafka. »Wenn du mich früh wecken gehst, so mußt du über den Gang gehen, hier im Zimmer schläft ein Gast. Er ...
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Articles as pronouns

Are German articles sometimes used as a pronoun? I heard someone saying this when his friend asked him with who he had gone to the supermarket. Freund 1: Mit wem bist du zum Supermarkt gegangen? ...
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