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German books ranked by reading ease [duplicate]

Is there any online source where I can find major German books listed according to some reading ease index (Lesbarkeitsindex)? I know this question has been already asked some years ago, but it got ...
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An appropriate sequence of books to learn German [duplicate]

Now I don't know anything about German but I want to learn German up to level C1. I plan to learn German alone as much as possible. So I'm looking for books to help me reach my goal. I intend to first ...
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Wie heißen einige Onlinebücher für junge Erwachsene? [duplicate]

Ich suche eine deutsche Geschichte, die ich lesen kann. Ich habe »Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality«, »Worm« und »Animorphs the Reckoning« sehr gemocht aber ich kann nichts ähnliches auf ...
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Resources for learning German

Since they have same questions on different language learning SE websites(resources for learning Russian), I'd like to write one for German language since it's a great idea to have all kinds of ...
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Can I start to make rudimentary sentences in German after a week worth of exposure to German?

I signed up for a German program in college and they taught me the very essentials like cases, gender, a general introduction to verbs, counting, and some basic but useful words. But I find sometimes ...
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Recommended reading strategies for intermediate speakers to build up their German

I learnt English mostly by reading all sorts of books once I'd a very rudimentary grasp of the basics. This was not intentional, but reading a lot is what in retrospect was the most helpful for me to ...
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Basic German books of novel to learn the language for beginners (1000 words or A1/A2 level)

I'm looking for some easy books to read like the following one which is in English, but I need some in German: link But the search is not very easy since I find a lot of "false positive" like the ...
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German language self-study materials/media

I am looking out for self-study German books targeted for beginners. Please help me to compile a good list of titles worth buying.
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Welche Bücher sind für das B2/C1 Niveau gut geeignet?

Ich suche nach Büchern, mit denen ich meinen Wortschatz verbessern kann. Natürlich wäre es schön, wenn das Buch ein Klassiker, Pflichtlektüre oder interessantes Buch auch in der Richtung Wissensaufbau ...
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Pop quiz activities for German

Is there a place like google word couch or any quiz place for German? I have recently started learning German from Youtube (Lingoni german) and a mobile app Duolingo. Now, while going through a few ...
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Good children author for learning German

I would like to read some good German children's stories with simple German where I can improve my German. Can you please tell me whom I should read.
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Need grammar book recommendations for review for former advanced speaker [closed]

Edit: I phrased the question ambiguously it seems. I appreciate all answers, but basically I'm looking for a thorough and yet relatively quick way to review German grammar. With "book" I meant grammar ...
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Dual language phrases or short stories online?

I want to find some side-by-side very short stories 1 or 2 pages online in English and German. I have memoried most common words in German but a few uncommon ones per page can disrupt me. "Geier&...
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