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Man "spricht mit Akzent" - aber mit was "schreibt" man?

Oft hört man dem gesprochenen Deutsch eines Menschen dessen Herkunft an, wenn es sich nicht um die Muttersprache handelt, und sagt "er spricht mit Akzent". Sehr viel ungenauer ist es, die ...
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Speaking German with accent: a status symbol or a sign of being a foreigner?

I have been living in Germany for almost 10 years now and despite good command of both written and spoken German I have a noticeable accent and my texts are not absolutely perfect. I have noticed many ...
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15 votes
9 answers

German Accents: Austrian, German, or Swiss Standard German

This is a (very) modified version of my original question, for more context regarding some of the answers you might want to see the edits below. I am learning German for fun, and I do not feel the ...
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Schibboleth, um Angelsachsen (UK, US, Australien, Neuseeland) als Nichtdeutsche erkennen zu können?

Ein Schibboleth ist ein Wort oder ein Satz, den eine Sprachgruppe sehr einfach aussprechen kann, während eine andere Sprachgruppe dies überhaupt nicht hinbekommt. In den Beispielen, die ich bisher ...
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Gab es einen deutschen "posh accent"?

Zu Weihnachten lief natürlich wieder "Die Feuerzangenbowle" im Fernsehen. Dieses Jahr habe ich den Film zum ersten Mal wirklich bewusst angesehen, und die Sprechweise von Professor Crey hat mich ...
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3 answers

What pronunciation is more influential, higher status or standard?

I was looking into different pronunciations, I saw there is a difference between regions within Germany and also with other German speaking countries, making me wonder which set of pronunciation rules ...
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Looking for a collection of audio samples comparing German accents

I am looking for something a collection of audio samples suitable for comparing the various German accents. (This wonderful collection of audio recordings by speakers of various Portuguese accents, ...
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Does German phonetics fully determine the spelling?

It is clear that there are different, equally valid ways to read a word in German (e.g. alveolar or uvular r, etc.) How true is the converse statement: phonetics fully determine the spelling? I'm ...
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Dialects of Austria—Resources?

From a linguist’s perspective if possible — i.e., not popular media or informal descriptions; I’m looking for any online resources that can give me clear explanations of accent, vocabulary, and ...
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Accent placement in "Waldfräulein"

I understand that Fräulein is lexically accented (stressed) more on the first syllable than the second; wiktionary shows IPA pronunciation as /ˈfʁɔɪ̯laɪ̯n/, /ˈfʁɔlaɪ̯n/, and also wikipedia says "...
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Stress in Composita & Southern versus Northern German variants of Standard German in Stress

I (as a Bavarian native speaker) notice that Northern Germans when speaking standard German almost consistently use a different stress in composita, which can sound illogical to the Southern German ...
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Why does the reflexive pronoun receive a sentence accent in the following sentence?

Here is an excerpt from a dialog, where someone is recommending a film to a friend for a watch: Solltest du dir anschauen! I heard the reflexive pronoun dir being accented as I listened to the audio ...
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About the Michel Thomas German course. Does he have a good accent?

A video of Michel Thomas teaching, one in the black coat I struggle to learn unless I know I'm listening to a person with a good accent. In other words, are there any foreign accent in his speech. It'...
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Will someone fail the Test DAF exam because of having a swiss accent?

I started to learn Dutch and Schweizerdeutsch (swiss german) simultaneously and I found that the way I speak german in general has changed in terms of pronounciation and in next november I will have ...
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Guten Tag! The "Tag" pronunciation

I wonder if its pronounciation is something like /'tæ:k/ or /'taːk/ or something between them. Here in Google Translate the pronounciation of "Tag" is /tæk/ but amazingly here the pronounciation of "...
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How much is an English accent a hindrance to understandability?

Most English speakers really struggle to produce the ch and r sounds correctly. The ü sound also doesn’t have an equivalent in English. How bad do English speakers really sound when they speak German?...
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Identification of German accent in video

There is a show where one of the girls has a distinct beautiful accent. I would like to know if there is a name for the accent or an area in Germany where people speak this way. This is an episode of ...
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Deutsche Mundart die mit Macht / Ehre assoziiert wird? [duplicate]

Ich möchte gern wissen, ob es beim deutschen Sprachraum sowas gibt wie einen gewissen Dialekt oder eine gewisse Mundart, oder vielleicht auch nur kleinere Abweichungen zur Aussprache einer Person, die ...
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