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7 votes
1 answer

Looking for a collection of audio samples comparing German accents

I am looking for something a collection of audio samples suitable for comparing the various German accents. (This wonderful collection of audio recordings by speakers of various Portuguese accents, ...
2 votes
2 answers

Where to listen to Prager Deutsch online?

Is Prager Deutsch still spoken? If so, where can I listen to it? Best of all would be a podcast in Prager Deutsch, but absent that, long-running recordings (e.g. stories, newscasts, etc.) would be ...
2 votes
0 answers

Cambridge University speech robot

Is anyone aware of a German language equivalent resource as this website from the University of Cambridge - a question and answer speech recognition robot in English? -
5 votes
1 answer

Oldest audio recording of German language

Does anyone know what the oldest audio recording of the German language is? I'm particular interested in spoken German that was recorded. And I've found only some sentences by Otto von Bismarck.
-4 votes
1 answer

Identify a conversation [closed]

Could someone please tell me what they are saying in 00:07 in this audio file? Thanks in advance
1 vote
1 answer

Is there a German Dictionary with audio support? [duplicate]

I have recently started learning German and I find it really hard to remember how certain words are pronounced and what are their articles (German articles are crazy :D). Is there any application or ...
1 vote
1 answer

What is this word at the beginning of this audio?

I can't work it out. It's mentioned so many times in this audiobook, but I don't know what it is. Please help. The first 5 seconds or so should be enough to get it. This is the video: https://www....
4 votes
1 answer

What are some good audio resources for learning scientific German?

German Science Reader by Charles Frederick Kroeh is a book on learning scientific German. However, I learn better aurally. What are some good audio resources for learning scientific German?
4 votes
1 answer

Audio Aussprachewörterbuch für "offline usage" für das iPad?

Ich brauche akustische Ausspracheangaben (audio pronunciations) fürs iPad; auch für "offline usage". Chats zum Thema hier und hier. Wo finde ich solche? P.s. Ich versuche auch ein Englisch-Deutsch-...
5 votes
1 answer

A youtube video of a pop-star [closed]

My ability to listen to and understand spoken German is inferior to my ability to read German. So I'm watching this video, a commercial for a TV show. During 0:18 through 0:20, Nena says: Jungs, ...