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Exact meaning of a few terms in a work contract

I am about to sign my first work contract in German and would like to know the exact meaning of a few terms I've encountered, in order to make sure I have understood everything correctly. Persönliche ...
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Wie den uneindeutigen Superlativ von "nahe", eindeutig machen?

Sei x = 4,2, was ist die nächste natürliche Zahl? Da »nächste« nicht zwischen räumlicher/absoluter Distanz (am wenigsten weit entfernt) und zeitlich/sequentieller Abfolge (unmittelbar folgend) ...
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to wave something in the air [closed]

If you wave at someone, you'd use zuwinken. However it doesn't feel right to use zuwinken if I were for example waving an object. How would I then describe if I were to: wave a flag wave a kite ...
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