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Why and when is the comparative degree used to express the opposite?

Looking at adjectives like "alt", "jung", "lang", "kurz" and their respective comparative degree "älter", etc. I get the impression that their sense is inversed. Like in "älteres Auto"/older car, the ...
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What's the difference between "lange" and "länger"?

I seem to get these two words constantly mixed up in speaking. Is someone able to help me out by providing some examples that will help me remember the difference? I tend to just guess normally. "...
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Isn't it demanding to ask for something with "Ich möchte"?

When they tell a waiter what food they'd like, why do Germans say "Ich möchte _" even though that translates as "I want _". Saying you want something sounds demanding in English. &...
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Kann jemand diese Benutzung von "häufiger" erklären?

Folgendes habe ich in dem Spiegel gelesen: In einem niedersächsischen Corona-Impfzentrum zog eine Krankenschwester Spritzen mit Kochsalz auf. Das genaue Ausmaß ist unklar, doch die Ermittler sind ...
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