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a mark, such as an accent or cedilla, which when written above or below a letter indicates a difference in pronunciation from the same letter when unmarked or differently marked

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Indicate vowel hiatus in non-German family name

I have a non-German family name structurally similar to Meyer. People often mispronounce the ey as ay1. Can I use a vowel hiatus to indicate the desired pronunciation with e and y? Is Mёyer correct? I ...
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Convert German names written in English letters to German characters? [closed]

I am trying to get German characters back in a German. Right now, I am using a simple diacritics table to get it. Is it the right way to do it? Is there a better alternative? For e.g. I wrote the ...
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What are the expectations for German search behavior in software?

I am making a German-language version of my iOS app, and I'm trying to make sure I have a great search experience for German-speakers, but I don't speak any German, so I'm having a hard time figuring ...
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How are vowel sounds changed by the diaeresis/trema?

When learning about plurals, I picked up on some vowels changing their pronunciation — I say "picked up on" here because there was no formal explanation or lesson about how the diaeresis/trema works ...
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Warum wurden "sch" und "ch" nicht diakritikalisiert?

Wir sehen für ä, ü und ö eine Entwicklung zu einem diakritischen Zeichen: ue => uͤ => ü Ähnliches gibt es auch in anderen Sprachen: fenestra => fenêtre Im Deutschunterricht wurde uns das so ...
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Usage of 'éine' instead of 'eine'

I'm reading "Der logische Aufbau der Welt" by Rudolf Carnap, which is quite an interesting book. But I found something I do not understand. Everytime he writes the numeral "eine" or "ein" etc. he ...
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How should an Umlaut be written?

This sounds like a silly question, but our teacher said it should be 2) in the image below: She said 1) is wrong! I almost fell off my chair. I've never seen it printed with the strokes. Not in ...
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Conversion table for diacritics (e.g. "ü" → "ue")

I am looking for a table for converting German diacritics into their non-diacritic character combination equivalent. For instance that table would indicate that the umlaut ü may be converted to ue). ...
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How to alphabetically sort a list of names?

How do you alphabetically sort German names when a list contains last names starting with "Von ...", "De ...", "Van ..." etc.? Also, how are words with umlauts (ä, ö, ü) and other diacritical ...
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Is it acceptable to omit umlauts and put an extra 'e' instead?

It's a pain when you haven't got a German keyboard to figure these characters out. Is it acceptable from a style perspective?
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