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A reference work with a list of words from one or more specific languages, normally ordered alphabetically and explaining each word's meaning

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German dictionary with detailed declensions, audio pronunciations, and IPA

I'm looking for a German dictionary that'll give me the following things for, of course, as many words as possible: Audio files of pronunciation. IPA. All declensions. The definition of the word in ...
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What are good online dictionaries for translation between German and English?

What are good online dictionaries for translation between German and English?
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Why do some German dictionaries list the genitive case ending?

I recently read that some German dictionaries list the genitive case ending for an entry but no explanation was given as to why some publishers choose to do this. Anyone happen to know?
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Audio Aussprachewörterbuch für "offline usage" für das iPad?

Ich brauche akustische Ausspracheangaben (audio pronunciations) fürs iPad; auch für "offline usage". Chats zum Thema hier und hier. Wo finde ich solche? P.s. Ich versuche auch ein Englisch-Deutsch-...
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German slang websites similar to

I use this site quit a a lot, especially for English scene forums or chats. Anyone knows a similar site/online database for German slang words? Or translation service which shows at least well-known ...
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Dictionaries with example sentences for each entry

I am looking for offline or online English-to-German dictionaries that provide example sentences for each entry. This would help me learn the usage of each word. For example: I searched for the word ...
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Was bedeutet die erste Flexion im Wörterbuch?

Mein Wörterbuch hat zwei Flexionen nach jedem Wort: Wort das, -(e)s, Wörter/-e Die zweite ist für den Plural, aber die erste?
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Is there an online German dialect dictionary?

I've recently stumbled upon some words that my dictionary can't translate: nitt (nicht) passt scho (passt schon) zwoa (zwei) Is there an online resource for finding out what such words mean, and ...
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Is there a German-English dictionary in PDF (or that works offline)?

Does any of these famous (dict, leo, dix, Wiktionary, etc.) online dictionaries have a free pdf dictionary? (I guess the answer is no, because less people would then visit the page again, but who ...
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Englisch-Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch für “offline usage” für das iPad oder iPhone?

Ich mag das CanooNet Wörterbuch und die Aussprachewörterbücher aber ich brauche auch ein Englisch-Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch für mein iPad/iPhone. Ich benutze jetzt zwar Leo aber es geht nicht ohne ...
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Why do some dictionaries have Rad fahren and others radfahren? Is Rad a separable prefix?

In Collin's dictionary, when I search for Rad fahren, it comes up with: However, radfahren is not on . ...
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Why are "tomorrow" and "morning" the same in German?

I have encountered the following interesting (at least to me) fact, that in German the words tomorrow and morning have the same spelling: Morgen. I have three questions here: Do these words have the ...
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Dictionary abbreviation meanings: "jdm", "jdn", "etw",

While I'm studying German vocabulary from a dictionary, I constantly see that the definitions of verbs have abbreviations next to them, such as "jdm: jemandem" and "jdn: jemanden" and "etw: etwas". I ...
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How to look up whether a verb uses dative or accusative

Generally, my understanding of the use of dative and accusative is a bit opaque. I am getting better at deciphering which prepositions call for which case. I have also seen that motion is another ...
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Monolingual German learner's dictionaries with small defining vocabulary

Most modern English learner's dictionaries use controlled defining vocabulary for defining lemmas. Which German learner's dictionaries incorporate controlled defining vocabulary?
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Was bedeutet "verblasst" innerhalb von Bedeutungsangaben im Wörterbuch?

Zur Seite bestimmten Bedeutungen im Duden, bin ich dem Wort "verblasst" begegnet in Bezug auf den Gebrauch des Wortes, z.B. in vornehmen (4). Nach dem ich die Bedeutung[en] des Verbs "verblassen" ...
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German dictionary with reverse words [duplicate]

Is there a German online dictionary that renders all (standard) German words by inputting the last letters? Say, you input “nebierhcs”, then you get, for instance, schreiben, abschreiben, ...
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PONS online - Warum ändert sich die IPA Lautschrift zwischen Sprachen?

Ich hätte eine Frage für all jene die mit der online Version des PONS Wörterbuches vertraut sind: Warum ändert sich die IPA Transkription je nach dem welche Übersetzungssprache ich auswähle? Im Rahmen ...
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How to perform an advanced search of German nouns in Wiktionary restricting both gender and ending?

I hope you could give this question a try before closing it. It's, admittedly, not directly related to German, but if a successful answer is provided, I'm sure it will be useful – at least for German ...
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Is there a rapid online access to "feste Nomen-Präposition bzw. -Verb Verbindungen"?

Is it me, or is it difficult to find online, in dictionaries and so on, all the information about a "feste Nomen-Präposition Verbindungen"? Suppose you are writing in German and, for sake of ...
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Genders in the "Babylon" dictionary

I use this German-English dictionary from Babylon. It puts die in front of the German word Jahrtausend from which I infer the word is feminine, but it is neuter in other dictionaries. Is there any ...
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Gibt es eine Liste aller deutschen Wörter mit den dazugehörigen Silbenteilung und Lautschriften?

So etwas in der Art von: Hund : Húnd O-li-ven-baum : oˈliːvn̩ba͜um Die Liste sollte bestenfalls gut von einem Computerprogramm verarbeitbar sein und nicht so etwas wie ein Datendump vom deutschen ...
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