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For linguistical questions involving both the German and English language. For translation-oriented questions, please use [english-to-german] or [german-to-english] instead.

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Is it more common to write longer sentences in German than in English?

From my very personal view it looks like especially in scientific related texts Germans use in average longer sentences than in English literature. This could be wrong perception, as a lot of non ...
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Is there a German-English dictionary in PDF (or that works offline)?

Does any of these famous (dict, leo, dix, Wiktionary, etc.) online dictionaries have a free pdf dictionary? (I guess the answer is no, because less people would then visit the page again, but who ...
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Does capitalization work differently in German than it does in English? [closed]

While trying to translate the German text in the following image, I was struck by the fact that some words are capitalized which wouldn't be capitalized in English. The words in question are: ...
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English analogues of Vorgangspassiv and Zustandspassiv

I'm learning German now and we studied in class the subject of passive voice. The German language has two forms of passive voice — “Vorgangspassiv” and “Zustandspassiv”. In order to understand better ...
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