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Questions tagged [false-friends]

Falsche Freunde/Brüder, Fauxamis – words that look or sound very similar in two languages but that have a different meaning.

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2 answers

Do Germans find the English phrase "it's giving [x]" confusing?

In German, there's a phrase "es gibt [x]" that is generally translated as "there is/are [x]" in English. (Or at least, that's what Duolingo has led me to believe.) Recently, I've ...
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Pseudo-French words in German

In her review of Vanderperren, Dictionnaire des faux amis/Wörterbuch der faux amis. Allemand-francais/Deutch-Französisch, Paris, 1994, published in Romanistiches Jahrbuch, vol. 46, issue 1, the ...
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German-French false friends dictionary

I would like to know if there is a German-French dictionary of false friends, i.e. words that exist in both languages and sound similarly but have different meanings, for example état in French means "...
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What percentage of German words are nearly identical to English words? [closed]

As I continue to self-study German by reading the German press, I keep encountering in newspapers more and more German words that look similar to and have the same meaning as English words. Some of ...
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