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In Relative Clause, can Relative Pronoun come before the pronoun/noun being referred to?

I came across this interesting sentence: Gehen Sie ebenfalls denen aus dem Weg, die stets mit ihrem Wissen angeben und die Sie genauso verunsichern. Unless I'm mistaken, the denen here is supposed ...
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Two verbs at second position simultaneously?

Having the verb at the second position is a well-known grammar rule in German language. If there is additionally another verb, this verb must be placed at the end of the sentence. However, I came ...
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Etwas wurde kein Partizip Perfekt vs. Kein etwas wurde Partizip Perfekt (word order)

Why would you say "Zahlen wurden aber keine genannt." instead of "Keine Zahlen wurden aber genannt."? To me it sounds wrong. Or maybe they could have opted for Zahlen wurden aber ...
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When to prefer Dativus Judicantis over modal preposition "für"+Akkusativ?

When would one prefer Der Text war ihm zu schwer. over Der Text war für ihn zu schwer. / zu schwer für ihn. I have seen both used in grammar books, but I could not find anything specific about ...
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Is it idomatic to drop pronouns when using semi colons in German?

Ich kann mich nicht mehr mit Menschen verbinden; ~~ich~~ bin so einsam I had written the sentence without the ich (second part). Is this allowed in German? The idea I have is that the comma works as ...
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Ich rieb, bis mir der Arm schmerzte (und meine Finger)

I've found this sentence in a modern novel I've been reading. In this context, a woman is manually cleaning the floor and she's quite upset. She says: Ich rieb, bis mir der Arm schmerzte und meine ...
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Futur II Passive Subjunctive, "werden"

This is not a real world example of something someone will say, but we (two native speakers) were discussing whether the following sentence is grammatically correct: "Würden in zehn Jahren mehr ...
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I see no subject in that sentence

I saw that sentence in IX magazine, an IT magazine : Auf das erste Subnetz kann demnach mit "module-subnetz" zugegriffen werden. Where "module-subnetz" is the name of an IT ...
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Mixing Präteritum and Perfekt in a sentence

Basically my question is this: Is it acceptable style to mix Präteritum and Perfekt in a written sentence? For instance: Obwohl er die Theorie verstanden hat, hatte er keine Ahnung von den ...
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