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Questions tagged [homonym]

Homonyms are words that are spelt and pronounced in the same way, but that have different meanings.

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Rückeschild, Polterschild: männlich oder sächlich?

Ich gehe davon aus dass beide männlich/maskulin sind: der Rückeschild, und der Polterschild. Eine Google-Suche bringt allerdings keine Klarheit, und der Wikipediaartikel hat beide Versionen im selben ...
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6 answers

Why are "tomorrow" and "morning" the same in German?

I have encountered the following interesting (at least to me) fact, that in German the words tomorrow and morning have the same spelling: Morgen. I have three questions here: Do these words have the ...
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4 answers

How to tell if someone's talking about "the lakes" or "the seas?"

If I'm talking to someone about the lakes and the seas — both die Seen — is there any way to differentiate between when someone's referring to one or the other at all? According to the tables I was ...
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Welche vollständigen Teekesselchen gibt es?

Zwei oder mehr Wörter, die Homonyme sind, werden bei unterschiedlicher Bedeutung gleich ausgesprochen (homophon) oder gleich geschrieben (homograph) oder beides. Die Wörter haben dabei ...
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Aren't the meanings of "geek" and "nerd" translated into German contradicting with each other?

Yesterday I was going to call some one "Streber". But I wasn't actually sure about the meaning so I went to and looked it up. The first suggestions had been "nerd" and "geek", what made me ...
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