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Questions tagged [impersonal-constructions]

Unpersönliche Konstruktionen – Questions involving sentences or clauses without a subject, such as impersonal passives (unpersönliches Passiv, "hier wird nicht gemeckert") or impersonal verbs ("mich friert").

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wird ... schlecht

The Cambridge dictionary has the following sentence. What is the subject of the following sentence? Is it an omitted "es"? Da wird einem ja schon beim Zusehen schlecht!
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"werden" + "später"

Please consider the following sentence: Leider wird es heute etwas später im Büro. I think it means something like // Unfortunately I'm staying late at the office today. // but I don't quite ...
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Trouble with Impersonal Passive Voice usage

When and why would you use the "impersonal passive voice" in a German sentence? One example given on Wikipedia is "Es wird gespielt," which apparently translates as "Someone is playing." Why wouldn't ...
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Use of the verb "sich auseinandersetzen"

Is the sentence correct? Es wurde empfohlen, dass sich frühzeitig mit dem Thema auseinandergesetzt wird. Is "sich auseinandergesetzt wird" a correct usage of the verb? I would rather use Es ...
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