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Beleidigung. Relating to rude or offensive statements (something that insults someone)

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Können Schmähworte mit männlichem Artikel auf Frauen angewendet weren?

Kann ein Schmähwort das grammatikalisch männlich ist auf eine Frau angewendet werden? Er ist ein Trottel/Depp/Halunke/... => Sie ist ein Trottel/Depp/Halunke/... <= ? Bzw. wie sieht es in der ...
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What is a mild form of "idiot" that might be used by a German-speaking Czech?

I need advice picking a mild insult a character I'm writing might blurt out when irritated at another. The character is an ethnic German from Czechia, woman speaking to a male friend. The obvious one ...
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6 votes
4 answers

"Ruhig Brauner!" - Idiom or insult?

Ruhig Brauner! is a German idiom which means Calm down! It is from Richard Wagner's opera "Ring der Nibelungen - Die Walküren", where in one scene a horse (Brauner - Bay horse) is restless and ...
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Ursprung der Beleidigung als Schwein/Sau?

Ich versuche rauszufinden was der historische und sprachliche Ursprung der abwertenden Bezeichnung von Menschen als "Schwein" oder "Sau" ist. Mir ist dabei nicht klar, ob der Ursprung tatsächlich im ...
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Can someone tell me a sentence that sounds really angry involving cake [closed]

I want to angrily call one of my friends a cake in a German sentence, but I don’t know German.
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18 votes
5 answers

Are there any words in German that are never to be used in polite conversation?

Preface As most British English speakers know, there are three words never to be uttered in polite conversation: The C-Word The N-Word The F-Word Which grows to a list of seven words in American ...
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Is the word “Schwein” necessarily an insult?

I was having private/intimate time with a German lady. And as I started something really special for her (thinking that she would like it), in the heat of the moment, she said: Du bist wirklich ein ...
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9 answers

What does “ungebildet” really mean?

As I was learning German here in Germany, many Germans would say (when talking in English): Uneducated people would do this. referring to a somehow lower class of the population who can’t speak ...
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22 votes
4 answers

What does “Behinderter Lehrer ever” mean?

A recent Spiegel article talks about a 14-year-old who was sentenced for insulting her teacher by posting a photo of him on Facebook and commenting it with: Behinderter Lehrer ever I don’t ...
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5 answers

Derogatory way to refer to a smoker

In English, one might say He smokes like a chimney. Given the incredibly creative German insults that I've come across (see this German.SE question), I'd like to know what (derogatory) terms/...
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9 votes
3 answers

Die weibliche Form des A-Worts

Ich finde es toll, dass es im Deutschen männliche und weibliche Berufsbezeichungen gibt (z. B. ein König - eine Königin, ein Biograf - eine Biografin, ein Kanzler - eine Kanzlerin usw.). Genauso wie ...
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13 votes
5 answers

Verwendung von »Kretin«

Benutzt man die Beleidigung Kretin im Deutschen noch? Ist sie ernst zu nehmen? Auf mich wirkt das Wort so hochgestochen und antiquiert, dass ich es persönlich albern und nicht provokant fände. Ich ...
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1 answer

Ist eine Referenz auf den »Götz von Berlichingen« automatisch vulgär?

Das Schlüsselwort im Fragetitel ist automatisch. Ich habe mal eine 10-minütige Sendung auf Arte gesehen, die empfehlenswerte Karambolage, in der es im Wesentlichen um die kulturellen, politischen u. ...
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German phrase for “Someone has to get laid.”

If someone is participating, e.g., in a passive-aggressive, disproportionate, stuck-up, or micro-management behaviour because he didn’t get to copulate for some time, a typical expression to make that ...
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2 answers

Is it an insult calling a lady “die alte Huhn”?

Is the expression “die alte Huhn” an offense? A: Kennste Frau X? B: Die alte Huhn? Ja, die kenne ich.
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8 votes
2 answers

What is a "smart alec" in German?

I was telling my math class the story about how Gauss added up the numbers from one to a hundred when he was in first grade. I told them that when he put his slate on the teacher's desk face down, the ...
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Why do deprecative descriptions of a person sound funny today?

There are many expressions describing a person in a deprecative or insulting way because of his bad properties or behaviour, which today would more or less trigger a laugh if someone called you that ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Has "scheiße" become a "normal" word?

The reason I put this topic here is not trying to pull attention to the question by using swear words, but because of asking this myself the other day, when I heard this in Sunday school. I ...
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