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german equivalent of あのさぁ/ あのね

So I've been watching terrace House lately and was wondering what the equivalent to あのさぁ/あのね would be. I know that it's used to initiate a conversation or if you plan to speak after you've been ...
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What transcription system from Japanese used ÿ?

In a German map from the late 40's (my guess, judging from the nations and borders) of East Asia, the island of Miyakojima is transcribed Mÿako. What transcription system is this? I know the Japanese ...
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German equivalent of the Japanese expression 黄色い声援, “let out a yellow cheer”

In Japanese, we use the expression 黄色い声援, "(let out) a yellow cheer" to describe a collective ecstatic exclamation that extremely enthusiastic female fans utter at the sight of a famous actor or the ...
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What is an idiomatic German equivalent of the Japanese expression: “… makes even a 100-year-old love turn cold”?

百年の恋も冷める = (Something trivial) makes even a 100-year-old love turn cold/sour (in an instant). In Japan, people commonly use this expression in a jocular and sarcastic manner to refer to the short-...
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Wie kann man 気持ちいい am besten auf Deutsch ausdrücken?

Wie kann man das Japanische 気持ちいい kimochi ii am besten auf Deutsch ausdrücken in den folgenden Situationen: ein kimochi ii Pullover eine kimochi ii Massage kimochi ii Wetter generell kimochi ii, ...
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