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Gedächtnishilfen, Eselsbrücken, Merkhilfen – learning techniques that aid storing information.

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Mnemonic to learn all preposition that require accusative case?

Is there anything like this? It probably should be in a form of a child story or something similar. there is one for Dativ: "Mit, nach, von, seit, aus, zu, bei verlangen stets Fall Nummer drei."
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Gedächtnisstütze für der/das Teil

Since years, I'm always looking up when you use Teil als a masculine noun and when it's used as a neutral noun. Is there any word combination, image, or phrase that would help us to remember the ...
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aus, bei, mit, nach, seit, (usw)

"aus, bei, mit, nach, seit, von, zu, gegenüber" I vaguely remember this list of prepositions (I hope it's correct) which we had to learn by heart in my German class 30 years ago. But I don't remember ...
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Eine gute Eselsbrücke für die Wochentage

Man hat mich nach einer guten Eselsbrücke, um sich Wochentage zu merken, gefragt. Da ich selbst keine kenne, dachte ich, ich frage Euch. Bis jetzt habe ich die zwei hier gefunden, aber eine verstehe ...
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German flash cards with pictures and no English?

I am looking to increase my German vocabulary and am looking for a good series of flash cards that does not contain any English, but instead just has pictures and the German word. Does such a thing ...
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Word-reminder software – how do you remember the words?

I can understand German when I read it. So, I started watching the Mad Man TV series with German subtitles and the show on mute. I write new words in a two-column Word document. I then try to learn ...
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Welche Eselsbrücken gibt es, um „dass“ und „das“ auseinander zu halten?

Die Wörter das und dass klingen gleich, haben aber völlig unterschiedliche Bedeutungen. Welche Tricks/Eselsbrücken gibt es, um im Schreibfluss rauszufinden, ob man das oder dass verwenden sollte?
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How can I better learn noun genders?

One of the things that I really liked about German, as I was studying it in college, was the very orderly grammar, which actually helped me to understand my native English better. As a non-native ...
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