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Questions tagged [morphology]

relating to the study of the internal construction of words

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15 votes
3 answers

Nouns with 2 genitive forms (-s/-es). When to use each?

Wiktionary lists 2 genitive forms for a lot of nouns (e.g. Berg, Brauch), -es and -s. For these words and others, are these forms interchangeable or are they regional? Or is one more poetic sounding ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Reference work on prefixes, suffixes, etc

It's not unusual for me not to be able to find some German word in any dictionary (or dictionary-like resource) I try. Since such words are often of the form PREFIX+STEM, I figure I'm not finding ...
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Meaning of the prefix "verab"

What is the meaning of the prefix verab in the german word Verabredung? I assume it is a combination of ver and ab, but in this case, what does it express semantically?
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3 votes
4 answers

Words in German that begin in "kn-" and are cognates of the English words with the same meaning

The title pretty much says it all. Knopf — knob Knie — knee Are there more?
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1 answer

On the absence of the definite article in genitival noun phrases

The following sentence (on page 12) begins with no definite article das: Zentrum der klassichen Periode der griechischen Philosophie (4. Jahrhundert v. Chr.) ist Athen. Shouldn't it have begun ...
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About a kind of "split" genitive

Der englische Text des von Dr. H. Kesting übersetzten und vom Verfasser neu durchgesehen Buches erschien 1949 beim Verlag der Chicago Universität unter dem Titel Meaning in History. (Karl Löwith, ...
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