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Is there a word in German for wanting someone to love you?

German Word For Wanting Someone To Love You I am writing a song in German because that is the only language I know well enough and is expressive enough to write a song in. I am only a B2 German ...
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Can someone help me translate this collection of songs by Mühlenhof Musikanten? [closed]

I was wondering if anyone can help me with the lyrics to this collection of songs in the video. I would appreciate very much if someone can get the full ...
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Text to this song by Mühlenhof Musikanten?

This is one of my favorite German songs but there is no song text for it anywhere. „Zogen einst viel schöne Weisen“ If anyone can get the text I appreciate ...
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I need resources to relearn Music Theory in German quickly. Could someone help me out?

I consider myself fairly proficient in Music Theory (in English) and I am trying to migrate to Germany. So with some research, I found that the terms look a lot more different than I expected. There's ...
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Lyrics translation: "Dalai Lama" by Rammstein

In Rammstein's "Dalai Lama", there's this verse: Der Mensch gehört nicht in die Luft But I believe that the verb gehört requires the dativ, so wouldn't it be? Der Mensch gehört nicht in ...
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I'm seeking the German original for a quote from Kandinsky on music and painting

The quote which I'm seeking the original German for is: "lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and . . . stop thinking! Just ask yourself whether the work has enabled you to 'walk ...
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11 votes
7 answers

Why "alle Tale" and not "alle Täler"?

One German translation of Handel's Messiah has an aria that features the line: Alle Tale macht hoch und erhaben, und senkt die Berge und Hügel vor ihm, macht eb’ne Bahn, und, was rauh ist, ...
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How is the "common practice period" (1650-1900) called in German musicology?

Is there a commonly used translation in German musicology for the term 'common practice period'? I couldn’t find a translation to German for ‘common practice’ except the naming of the 3 epoques: It ...
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10 votes
2 answers

"Auskopplungen" in musical context

I'm translating a short Wikipedia article about a music band from German to English. I've done most of it with help from Google Translate and my virtually non-existent knowledge of German language, ...
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What is a "first chair" or "principal" musician called?

What is a "first chair" or "principal" musician called? I have searched in Google translate and got "erster Stuhl Trompeter", but that sounds a little too literal.
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2 answers

Deutsche und italienische Namen für Streichinstrumente

Zur Grundausstattung eines klassischen Sinfonieorchesters gehören einige Streichinstrumente: Geigen, Bratschen, Celli und Kontrabässe. Für alle vier gibt es eine italienische Beziechnung: Viola (...
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2 answers

How do you phonetically pronounce all of the German note names?

What is the phonetic pronunciation of every note name in German? So, all three iterations of every letter (flat, natural, and sharp) including E#, Cb, etc. Also, how do you pronounce the German note ...
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German word for "suspension" / "suspended harmony" (music theory)

I'm searching for a German word for suspension, referring to music theory. Suspension as in suspended harmony. From Wikipedia: A suspension (SUS) (sometimes referred to as a syncope) occurs when ...
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What does "Weichspülmusik" mean?

Some people I have to do with frequently call music that plays in radio "Weichspülmusik", like Diese Weichspülmusik möchte ich jetzt nicht hören. I always wonder what that means. Can anyone please ...
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