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Nominativ – Relating to the grammatical case that marks typically the subject of a sentence

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Nominative or Accusative case "Sie ist meine Mutter"

In the phrase: Sie ist meine Mutter. 'meine Mutter' is the nominative case although I don't understand why this is so since I naturally think that it should be the accusative case as it receives the ...
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Can a non-masculine object come before the subject when using an active verb? [duplicate]

From my understanding, in German the sentences "Der Hund beißt den Jungen" and "Den Jungen beißt der Hund" mean the same thing with the difference lying in the emphasis. (The first ...
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Clarification on nominative versus accusative in some sentences

I was wondering, in a sentence such as Das Haustier ist ein Hund would ein Hund be nominative or accusative (making it einen)? It seems like it should be accusative because it answers the ...
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Akkusativ oder Nominativ

Ich habe den folgenden Satz in der Staffel "Friends" gehört: Das ist unser Wagen. Ich glaube, dass es "Das ist unseren Wagen." sein muss. Warum ist es Nominativ hier?
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