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Questions tagged [proficiency-test]

Sprachprüfungen/Sprachdiplom - questions on the preparation for German proficiency examinations.

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Deutsche Zeitschriften und Zeitungen zur TestDaF-Vorbereitung, hauptsächlich für den Leseteil

Zurzeit lese ich einige Zeitschriften, zwar "Spektrum der Wissenschaft", "Der Spiegel", "Zeit Campus" und einige Websiten, z.B. und Können Sie mir ...
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Expectations and milestones in German language learning at different levels

I recently completed A1 level, and I'm wondering what I can expect from myself at this stage and in future levels. Currently, I can make some simple sentences, but I often find myself mentally ...
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Going from Goethe C1 to Goethe C2 for ETHz in 4 months

I am currently studying German because I would like to study my bachelor's degree at ETH Zürich. To be admitted I need to either get at least an 80% grade in all Goethe C1 modules or at least a 60% ...
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What are some online practice exams to assess one’s level?

I’d like to do a full practice exam in preparation for a TELC exam, B2 level. I’d prefer an online format I could do on my phone. Is there any website with a decent digital format German exam? (I.e., ...
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Which tests of German language knowledge are best accepted in the business world?

I'm looking to be specific about my German language skills on my resume and I'm curious which of the various tests are best respected in a business setting. Also, is there any difference between the ...
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What’s the best way to actually test yourself in German?

I am currently learning German and have a friend from Morocco who understands a little. Most of the time when I have a conversation in German people seem to understand what I’m trying to say. But I ...
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Tips on writing a Forumsbeitrag for Goethe Zertifikat B2 Prüfung [closed]

I am sometimes a bit confused due to the Inhaltspunkte: For example, Äußern Sie Ihre Meinung zu fleischreicher Ernährung im Alltag. Nennen Sie Gründe, warum eine Ernährung mit Fleisch so verbreitet ...
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Is there a standard Goethe level to get a job teaching at a German university?

(This question may be off-topic, and better suited for Academia.SE. I think it is helpful to German language learners, but I'll understand if it's closed.) I'm pursuing a move to Germany in the ...
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What verbs should I know for level A2 exam?

Is there any page, list or link, etc. where there are all the German verbs for the A2/A1 exam? Update : I asked the question for the Goethe Institut.
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Looking for graded vocabulary lists

When I was learning English, I was greatly helped by a series of vocabulary lists, graded from 1st to 12th grade, and consisting of words that students in those grades were supposed to master1. After ...
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Telc exam vs Goethe Exams? [closed]

I should pass B2 exam, some of my friends passed Telc exam and they believed it is much easier, any idea or experience?
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German certificates - level of difficulty?

I want to start study in Germany and I must have a German certificate. I have these possibilities: Goethe-Zertifikat C 2 (Goethe) DSH-3 DSD II TESTDAF (das in allen vier Teilprüfungen die Test-...
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What is the difference between lingoda German (A1 to c1 ) certificate and Goethe-Zertifikat?

I have seen a certificate course in lingoda and Goethe-Zertifikat course. Which is accepted by a company or university as proof of German language and which one should I prefer?
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How hard is it to score DSH 2? [closed]

I was looking at German Universities and they require for German-taught degrees that you score at least 67% on the DSH test (meaning you score a DSH 2). Is passing this test a good signal that you ...
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How long does it take to correct the Zertifikat Deutsch exam?

If i do the Zertifikat Deutsch Prüfung, how long does it take till I get the results of the exam?
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Resources for the Goethe-Zertifikat A1 [duplicate]

Are there any coursebooks for the Goethe-Zertifikat A1? I have found some material on their website, but that seems quite limited. thanks
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Is it possible to pass a DSH examination without the active application into a German institution?

Later I tried to hunt around Germany for the possibility to pass a DSH examination. This is a type of German language exams, which enables non-native german speakers to study in a German educational ...
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Finding out how many German words I do know

I know a website offering a test for knowing how many words you know in English. I would like to find something similar for the German language. I've made some searches ...
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Resources for testing language level

How can I test my german level and see if I am actually improving? Are there any "reliable" online test that can be used? Could the "readability test" be a good idea?
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Analog of TOEFL for German [closed]

Could anyone suggest me most actual or appropriate analog of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) for German?
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Stellungnahme mit "Meiner Meinung nach"

I 'm about to complete B1 (Yay!) and Goethe Institut has changed the examination pattern from this year on. We're supposed to write a Stellungnahme in Teil schreiben and I wish to write my answer in a ...
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What do I need to know to pass the A1 or A2 exams from Goethe Institut?

Can someone share what I need to know to pass the A1 or A2 exams from Goethe Institut? For instance, do I need to know all cases (nominative, accusative, dative, genitive)? the past form of every ...
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Suggestions on preparing for the Zertifikat Deutsch (internationally accepted certificate in German) exam

I will be taking the Zertifikat Deutsch exam soon, and was looking for tips and ideas on the preparation required. This exam is legally recognized, for instance for citizenship applications, and has ...
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