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6 answers

"Fleischessende" in German news - Meat-eating people? : Nominalised Participle 1 as a gender-neutral expression

At 1:30 in this video from today, the narrator says [...] Fleischessende [...] sollen stärker vertreten werden. Does this mean "people who are currently in the process of eating meat ought to ...
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1 answer

Am-Progressiv: What about objects?

Do I say: Ich bin am Gitarrespielen. or should I say: Ich bin am Spielen der Gitarre. What about longer infinitives? Ich bin am Rasen-vom-Nachbarn-mähen. Ich bin am Mähen des Rasens vom Nachbarn. ...
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3 votes
4 answers

How would one translate 'I showed signs of needing something' into German?

Translating (irony intended) the progressive tense always gets me. I've looked at this Reddit thread and understand that the progressive tense is usually translated into Präsens. I can only come up ...
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German equivalent grammatical structure for the uncompleted past?

I’m looking for the exact logical translation for: The things you have been making. I.e. something like “die Sachen, an denen du gearbeitet hast”, but using machen, and can’t find the right words. ...
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3 answers

Use of “schon” in “hat schon gewartet”

Does “Cornelias Vater hat schon in Mainz auf Cornelia gewartet” mean that the father was already waiting or that he has already waited?
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