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Books like "English Grammar in use" for the German language

"English Grammar in Use" - Cambridge University Press is amazing. Is there any similar books for the German language? [Update]: "English Grammar in Use" is amazing because each unit spans one ...
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3 answers

Reference work on prefixes, suffixes, etc

It's not unusual for me not to be able to find some German word in any dictionary (or dictionary-like resource) I try. Since such words are often of the form PREFIX+STEM, I figure I'm not finding ...
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Magazines and documentaries for speaking German with subtitles

Could you please name some documentaries, radio stations or magazines with easy German vocabulary and clear pronunciation?
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How to look up whether a verb uses dative or accusative

Generally, my understanding of the use of dative and accusative is a bit opaque. I am getting better at deciphering which prepositions call for which case. I have also seen that motion is another ...
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