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Can the prefix "Liebling-" be paired with any noun whatsoever?

Whenever I want to express a "favorite thing" in German, I use the "Liebling-" prefix: Meine Lieblingsband ist XX Oh, du magst XX? Was ist denn dein Lieblingssong von ihnen? ...
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Explain the difference between “sollen” and “müssen” to a native Belarusian

I have a friend from Belarus with whom I speak German. However, she always mixes up sollen and müssen and says things like Ich soll das prüfen. instead of Ich muss das prüfen. Is there a ...
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How should I use units? -> When should I write "Kraft in N", "Kraft in Newton" and "Kraft [N]" in running text and axis descriptions?

For papers, theses and other academic kinds of publications, the regular method of writing axis labels/descriptions is Kraft [N] So regarding the aspect of figures where data is displayed somehow, ...
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Regeln für bestimmte Artikel bei Staaten, Bundesländern und Bezirken

+ Explanation (English) I'm writing a piece of software. This software outputs a list. Each list item has meta data like the date, the author of and entry and as well the location. The location can ...
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"Von Des" vs. "Der"

Could someone please explain how to say "of", as in "the book of the man"? I suspect it is fairly simple but I don't understand the differnce between: der Buch des Mann and der von dem Mann (...
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7 votes
1 answer

If an English verb is regular, its German equivalent is regular as well?

I've found out a rule in which if an English verb is regular, its German translation is regular as well and the other way around: To see: sehen ; to drink: trinken ; to go: gehen ... Seems to be ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Schwache Verben und starke Verben

Im Deutschen gibt es bei Verben eine Unterteilung zwischen starken und schwachen Verben. Je nachdem zu welcher Gruppe ein Wort gehört, wird das Partizip II unterschiedlich gebildet. Schwaches Verb: ...
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Unknown gender, known case, best guess for article would be? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I learn noun genders better? I have a habit of saying "dem" when I know something is dative but am not entirely sure of the gender. Would that be a good guess? Based ...
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