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What does "Selber selber, lachen alle Kälber" mean?

What does "Selber selber, lachen alle Kälber" mean literally and figuratively? As I understand it, it is something a child would say to another child (to insult? to make fun of?). But what ...
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Tongue in cheek

When you are playfully teasing someone you describe your sentence as tongue-in-cheek. What is the German equivalent of this?
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How do `Vogel`, `hör` and `Trinken` relate to `Katze`? [closed]

..falls du einen Vogel siehst hör auf zu Trinken.. es ist eine Katze. Source: I know it literally means 'if you see a bird ...
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What Swiss idioms are there that Germans wouldn't know of?

Germans have alot of strange (and un-humorous) sayings that almost every German has heard before, but no one else outside of Germany. For example, "(K)Einen Elefanten aus einer Mücke machen" ...
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German idioms like "Draining the swamp"

Are there any (incriminating) idioms in German similar to "Draining the swamp", which is American for "weed out all the bad guys"? Besides similar phrases, is this idiom itself ...
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What would be a good translation/equivalent saying for "Something came up"?

I had an appointment, and the other party never showed up. I wanted to send a polite text to say something like, "I assume something came up. Let me know when you have time to talk later." ...
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