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What is a good way to start learning German?

There is already a question that asks for free resource for learning German. However, I would like to know what resources are good for learning German regardless of their cost. The online sources I'...
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Would a computer use ‘du’ or ‘Sie’ for the user?

Would a computer use du or Sie for the user? Example: “You have unsaved changes.”
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What is the appropriate capitalization of 'ß'?

I am not a German speaker but I am working on a software program that is used by German speaking users. So here is the question: In a software application that displays and stores data to a DB in "...
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German learning apps for Google Android

I'm on the lookout for any decent self-study applications for my Google Android smartphone to help me brush up on my German on my daily commute. Can anyone recommend any for me?
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What are good German language programs for iPad/iPhone?

There are a number of applications relating to introductory German, dictionaries etc. available on the app store. Have people had any success with any of them and which ones are worth trying? ...
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Word-reminder software – how do you remember the words?

I can understand German when I read it. So, I started watching the Mad Man TV series with German subtitles and the show on mute. I write new words in a two-column Word document. I then try to learn ...
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Maschinelle Suche nach Grundform von Wörtern

Gibt es eine Online-Resource oder ein Programm, das ich unter Linux installieren kann, das folgendes leistet? Ich habe einen kurzen deutschen Text (typischerweise nur ein bis drei einfache ...
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Translating "timeliness" in the context of software performance

I'm trying to translate the following definition of software performance: Performance is the degree to which a software system or component meets its objectives for timeliness. I'm having a hard ...
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What's the right article for "Issue" in German?

In software development and IT slang, it is very common to adapt English expressions to German language. Beispiele: Ein Bug ist ein Programmierfehler. Ein Commit ist ein eingesandter Beitrag eines ...
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"Committer" in the context of software development

I stumbled across the following StackOverflow profile and keep wondering how to translate the word committer like in the following sentence Apache CouchDB committer and Node.js developer. ...
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Automatische grammatikalische Satzanalyse

Ich suche ein Programm oder einen Web-Dienst, bei dem man einen deutschen Satz eingibt, und wo dann ausgegeben wird, was davon ein Nebensatz, ein Prädikat oder ein Genitivattribut usw. ist. Ich habe ...
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Browser Add-ons to learn German

I am an active learner of German. I remember to have installed a browser Add-on on my old computer which helped me to learn the gender of German words by colorizing them in the browser using different ...
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Englisch-Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch für “offline usage” für das iPad oder iPhone?

Ich mag das CanooNet Wörterbuch und die Aussprachewörterbücher aber ich brauche auch ein Englisch-Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch für mein iPad/iPhone. Ich benutze jetzt zwar Leo aber es geht nicht ohne ...
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Simulating the English "ch" with German text to speech engine

I am having the Mac German speech synthesizer Markus speak lyrics to a song. I find his accent charming. The lyrics are in English. For this endeavor, one types text and then passes them to the ...
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What's the article of Software Development Kit (SDK)?

Personally I'd say das Software Development Kit (SDK) but everyone tells me different articles. Which one is the correct one?
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How to say "unmaintained", speaking about abandonware?

I want to say that a given application is unmaintained: No support, No new features will ever be added, Bugs will not be fixed. Can I say "nicht erhaltet"? Preferably a short adjective so that it ...
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Techn. Übersetzung: to serve a document

Ich übersetze momentan eine kleine Dokumentation für ein Softwareprojekt zur Entwicklung von Webanwendungen. An einigen Stellen heißt es in Bezug auf Webserver: "to serve a document", womit die ...
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Commands in software labels ("click here")

I'm working on translating English language content of a website into German, and I was curious which form do you use in German commands for labels in software. Think of messages like "Click Here" or ...
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What are the expectations for German search behavior in software?

I am making a German-language version of my iOS app, and I'm trying to make sure I have a great search experience for German-speakers, but I don't speak any German, so I'm having a hard time figuring ...
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How would “add folder” and “add file” would be translated in the shortest way into German?

I would like to make a localization of the interface into German and have faced a problem in how to translate add folder and add file. The only translations, which I have found, are Ordner hinzufügen ...
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What quick lookup software is there for German vocabulary in Mac OS X?

I'm not sure if this question belongs here, but it's certainly relevant to my German learning and I'd love to know what others are using... I'm wanting to start reading online newspaper articles to ...
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Tool for German grammar?

Is there a tool that will analyze my German sentence and tell me which is a dative case which is genitive, etc. And ultimately tell me if my sentence was properly written out to be grammatically ...
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Searching for an Android flashcard application which is integrated with some good dictionary

I'm looking for application in which I could look up a meaning of the word, save it automatically as a flashcard and later practice it. Great example of this is vocabulary trainer on, but this ...
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Name current software/online services for HIGH-QUALITY text-to-speech (TTS) in German [closed]

There are alot free, shareware, open source, proprietary programs/apps & online services with bad - medium (IMHO, often sounds robotic and not spoken fluently) quality. Esp. the quality ...
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Deutsche Wörter für zwei spezifische technische Begriffe (Programmierung): inlining, unswitching

Ich muss aktuell einen Bericht für die Uni auf Deutsch formulieren. Ich suche nach deutschen Begriffen für die folgenden zwei Wörter: "inlining" (Den Funktionsinhalt an die Stelle des Aufrufs ...
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In-app "Done" translation?

In our mobile app we have a kind of media gallery where you can select several images to put them into a "social album". On the English translation of the app the term Done in the right top corner is ...
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"Service disruption" in the context of botnets/malware

I'm trying to translate service disruption in the context of malware, specifically botnets. This paper describes what botnets are used for: Botnets used for information collection, distributed ...
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Software developer positions equivalents in German [closed]

What are the equivalents in German for software developer positions: junior developer, middle developer, senior developer, lead developer?
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German dictionary program [duplicate]

I am looking for a German dictionary program that I can install on my Mac. I would like the program to have: Definition of the word in English Audio files of the German pronunciation Declensions I ...
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Umschreiben von alter in neue Rechtschreibung

Ich muss einen größeren Text-Korpus aus den 70er-Jahren in die neue Rechtschreibung umschreiben und wollte gerne so viel wie möglich automatisieren und das, was sich ggf. nicht automatisieren lässt, ...
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Sie bezahlen [für?] die Bestellung per PayPal

Are all variants absolutely correct and equivalent? If not, what's the difference? Sie bezahlen die Bestellung per PayPal Sie bezahlen für die Bestellung per PayPal Sie bezahlen die Bestellung mit ...
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Which one is used more widely for "Jump" in software interfaces : "Sprung" or "springen"

I know that I can directly use the english word but I'm trying to use generally accepted and agreed german terms in the german translation of our software. Our developers missed some of the button ...
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Which German language newspapers offer APIs? [closed]

I would like to access good quality German news articles regularly, particularly their textual data in an efficient and easy manner to possibly do some minor programmatic manipulation of it, for ...
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Software Dictionary for Windows Mobile 6.5

I have a Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone (LG Fathom) and I would like to load a free English to German and German to English dictionary on it to assist me in learning German. (I go to classes every weekend) ...
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What do they call "a software developer" in German? [closed]

What is the right word for "a software developer" in German? For example: - What do you do? - I'm a software developer.
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