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Betonung. Focus, strain, accent. Betonung, Hervorhebung, Accent.

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Prosodic difference in warm stellen / warmstellen?

I read in p. 2388 of Handbücher zur Sprach- und Kommunikations-wissenschaft (De Gruyter Mouton) that warm stellen and warmstellen are pronounced the same and are prosodically indistinguishable in: die ...
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Why is "man" pronounced like "Mann"?

I have listened to multiple sound samples and "man" sounds to me like "Mann". Is there a difference? For example, in "Schwan", "Kran", "Plan", "...
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Stress position in German sentences

Writing advice in English often talks about the "stress position", at the end of a sentence, where important (new) information should be placed. Does that apply equally in German (I think ...
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áuferlegen oder auferlégen

Wörterbuchartikeln entnahm ich, dass dieses Verb getrennt wie ungetrennt Verwendung findet. In einem Buch habe ich folgende Erklärung gefunden, die ich allerdings nicht 100% verstehe: Um eine ...
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How to understand this stress mark

Duden gives the following transciption for wogen: [voˈɡn̩]. I don't know what to make of it. Before seeing the transription I assumed that e would be silent, and o would be stressed as the only vowel ...
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2 answers

How far can I rely on 'Akzentverschiebung' rule?

From Intonationsforschungen book I quote: Die Akzentverschiebung verhindert, dass zwei stark betonte Silben zu nahe beieinander stehen. Das gilt für Wörter ebenso wie für Phrasen. And also: Im Wort ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How can I predict the stressed syllable in proper/brand/trademark/foreign nouns?

I often encounter nouns that I hear of for the first time, and I can not determine which syllable to stress. Unfortunately, I can not find most of these nouns in dictionaries to check the stressed ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Which word should I stress in a sentence?

It's said in phonetic books that some word classes are stressed (i.e. lexical words: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs) and some are not (particles, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, auxiliary ...
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Prosodic problem in U-Bahn announcement?

I have recently started travelling by U-Bahn in a German city. Before each stop passengers are told: Nächste Station Heddernheim. Ausstieg in Fahrt richtung links. Nächste Station Dornbusch. ...
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Aussprache von »Kaffee«

Warum wird in Deutschland (zumindest in den meisten Teilen Deutschlands) die erste Silbe des Worts »Kaffee« betont, und die zweite Silbe eher kurz ausgesprochen? In Österreich wird die zweite Silbe ...
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24 votes
4 answers

stressing of "umfahren" in German dialects

The word “umfahren” has different meanings and apparently one of them is the opposite of the other. etw. úmfahren: to hit sth by a vehicle etw. umfáhren: to drive around sth Example: Du sollst das ...
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5 answers

Wie wird das Adjektiv zum Buchhalter richtig betont?

Warum wird eigentlich das gute und urdeutsche Wort buchhalterisch (Also das Adjektiv zu Buchhalter bzw. Buchhaltung) das meinem Sprachgefühl nach auf der ersten Silbe betont gehört, von vielen ...
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Why is the stress in lebendig in the second syllable? [duplicate]

For a start, I know there has already been this question, but I have an extra bit to add... On wiktionary (I know it isn't great in general, so don't slate me for using it!), it says 'the current ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Why is the stress of lebendig on the second syllable?

The pronunciation of lebendig lies on the second syllable, which does not follow the stress rules. It has no suffix that would change stress from the root word (that is, -ig), nor such a prefix (the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

"Blockälteste": which syllable is stressed?

In the word blockälteste, what syllable (or syllables) gets the stress, please? Obviously not a word people say too often—and I cannot find a pronunciation for it online.
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Accent placement in "Waldfräulein"

I understand that Fräulein is lexically accented (stressed) more on the first syllable than the second; wiktionary shows IPA pronunciation as /ˈfʁɔɪ̯laɪ̯n/, /ˈfʁɔlaɪ̯n/, and also wikipedia says "...
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Welche deutschen Wörter unterscheiden sich nur in der Betonung?

Generell gibt es im Deutschen, wie auch in anderen verwandten Sprachen, kaum Beispiele für Wörter, deren Bedeutung sich ändert, wenn man nur die Betonung variiert. In anderen Sprachen kommt dies ...
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Wann spricht man „ie“ als Diphthong aus?

„ie“ hat die folgende mögliche Aussprachen: /iː/ („Miete“) /i̯ə/ („Familie“, „Petersilie“) /i̯e/ („Karriere“) Wie kann man wissen, ob „ie“ als Diphthong oder Monophthong ausgesprochen ist?
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