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Subjekt - part of a sentence that is in the nominative case and that matches the main verb in person and number.

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2 answers

Satz ohne Subjekt?

Mir ist nicht klar, wo das Subjekt in folgendem Satz ist. Enthält der Satz gar kein Subjekt? Ich habe aber gelesen, dass ein Satz ohne Subjekt nicht vollständig sei. Allerdings habe ich sehr wohl das ...
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2 answers

Sentence with two subjects

I just got an email with the following sentence: Es ist eine Anforderung zum Zurücksetzen Ihres Passworts eingegangen. A simplified form for this would be: Es ist etwas eingegangen. Which ...
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2 answers

Fehlendes Subjekt in "als am Abend geplündert wurde"

In dieser Frage geht es um den folgenden Satz aus Der Augsburger Kreidekreis von Bertolt Brecht, einer Geschichte, die zu der Zeit des Dreißigjährigen Krieges geschieht. »Er« ist ein Schweizer ...
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"Lieben" vs "gefallen"

For the verb lieben, it is close to the English usage for love, e.g.: John loves Mary. -> John liebt Mary. For the verb gefallen, it's rather weird. A dictionary entry for gefallen didn't help ...
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'es' as a "delayed subject"?

I am trying to learn the various uses of es and poking around in Duden and Wiktionary, I came across this sentence for usage as a “delayed” subject. (1) Es fielen die ersten Tropfen, einzelne, aber ...
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Kein Subjekt in »Mir wird schlecht«?

In dieser Frage kommt ein Satz mit diesem Aufbau vor: <Dativ-Objekt> <eine Form von sein oder werden> <Adjektiv>. nämlich: Julian wird etwas mulmig zumute. In diesem Beispiel ist ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What is the subject in “daß meinem Gesuch stattgegeben werde”?

The question is on this sentence in Book 2 Chapter 5 of Camus’s The Stranger (Der Fremde) as translated by Georg Goyert und Hans Georg Brenner. For context, the narrator (“ich”) is on death row, and “...
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Impersonal passive construction where the 'es' is implied/omitted

I am learning about impersonal constructions with 'es'. My textbook says that sometimes the 'es' is implied in such sentences: Jetzt wird geschlafen This is translated as 'it's time to go to sleep ...
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"Das sind" instead of "die sind"? [duplicate]

I have seen sentences like these that really confuses me such as: "Das sind unsere." "Das sind Katzen." As far my as understanding allows the definite articles (der, die, das, die) can also be ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Question regarding the appropriate pronouns for a subject with different "persons" (first, second and third)

Can someone help confirm this for me? I think we can all agree, that when the subject consists of 2 or more persons that are referred to with the 3rd person pronouns, the subject is equivalent to the ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Negating verbs and nouns

I'm having trouble with negation in some sentences. To my understanding "nicht" comes after verbs and before nouns. However, what am I supposed to do when there are other elements, such as adverbs or ...
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Why can't pronouns be a subject?

I wish to ask about this comment posted by Janka. You can deduce that in this case because a pronoun cannot be a description of the subject. Could someone explain why this is ? And then perhaps some ...
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