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3 answers

What is "am" used for the Superlativ? (am besten)

This question popped up because I frequently see people falsly capitalize the letter after "am". They probably think that they're supposed to use a prepositional phrase am Besten. But this ...
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2 answers

Guidance on comparatives and superlatives with optional umlauts

I have just learned that there are some adjectives with optional umlaut-ification (e.g. rot) as opposed to required or prohibited (in comparatives and superlatives). So... is there some general sense ...
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3 answers

When can I use der/die/das: Need help understanding

I was trying to translate the sentence - This is the most beautiful flower in the garden. The app showed: Das ist die schönste Blume im Garten. Question 1: Can we use "Das" instead of &...
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Wie nutze ich viel im Superlativ (am meisten) vor dem Nomen?

Wenn wir Superlativ vor einem Nomen verwenden, müssen wir die Adjektiv Deklination in der ende geben. z.B. Wir nehmen das schnellste Flugzeug. Wie nutze ich Superlativ von viel (am meisten) vor einem ...
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Why is the preposition required here?

I attempted to translate this: The Master created humans first as the lowest type, most easily formed. by saying: Der Herr hat Menschen am Anfang als den niedrigsten Typ geschaffen, der das ...
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"am meisten + Partizip 2" vs. "superlative of Partizip 2"

I came across the following sentence: Mündliche Prüfungen gehören zu den am meisten gefürchteten. Since the Partizip 2 of the verb "fürchten" is used here as an adjective "gefürchtet&...
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