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relating to words or phrases that are banned on grounds of morality or taste

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So about endgültige Lösung

I assume it's not as bad as Endlösung within German but it certainly translates to the exact same wtf English in Google, OpenAI, &c. 1st) Within German, is it entirely distinct from Endlösung and ...
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Are there any words in German that are never to be used in polite conversation?

Preface As most British English speakers know, there are three words never to be uttered in polite conversation: The C-Word The N-Word The F-Word Which grows to a list of seven words in American ...
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Colloquial expression for “penis”

What's the best way to refer to a penis in a casual, but not necessarily overtly sexual, way, akin to saying dick in English? Take for example this sentence from the autobiography of Ice-T: I had ...
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Does "Jawohl" carry Nazi connotations?

Would answering "Jawohl" to an order or request be associated with Nazi Germany? What about "Jawohl, mein Kommandant"? Can it be used (jokingly) without people finding it tasteless?
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Welche dieser Wörter/Aussprüche sind tabu?

Nach dem "inneren Reichsparteitag", den Katrin Müller-Hohenstein bei der letzten Fußball-WM ausrief, wollte ich hier mal fragen, welche nazi-konnotierten Wörter/Redensarten haltet Ihr für "nicht mehr ...
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Is "Lebensraum" a taboo word in German because of an association with Hitler and the Nazis?

Much associated with Hitler and the Nazis has become taboo or gauche in the English-speaking West as a result of the terrible tragedies of the Second World War; one can point to many things, from ...
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