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Redewendung wenn man an ein fremdes Telefon gehen muss

Im Arbeitsumfeld gibt es üblicherweise mehr oder minder festgelegte Formulierungen, die man benutzt; etwas in der Art von Firma Meier, Michael Müller, Apparat von Peter Schmitz hört man öfter. Im ...
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How do I answer a phone call?

When somebody calls me on the phone I need to say something when answering. In English (similar to other languages) it may be sufficient to just say "Hello" Is it accepted to just say "Hallo" when ...
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How to tell someone politely that they have a wrong number?

How can I tell someone politely that they have a wrong telephone number? I found this wording on HowDoYouSay: Sie sind falsch verbunden. Does it work? Are there any other ways of saying it?
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How do you introduce yourself on the phone in German?

When I call somebody I know in English, the call typically starts with something like this: them> Hello? me> Hi, it's Michael. How does that exchange go in German? Typically somebody will answer ...
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What do I say on returning from a break in a telephone conversation?

When talking to people on the telephone there are situations when we need to interrupt the conversation to look something up or to ask someone near by. We can do this by saying: "Einen Moment, ...
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How to say phone numbers [duplicate]

In my textbook I read that in German you can say phone numbers in single digits 7-6-2-8-3-9-etc. (sieben-sechs-zwei/zwo-acht-drei-neun-etc.) or in pairs 76-28-39-etc. (sechsundsiebzig-...
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Answering Phone [duplicate]

My Prof said his sister in law answers the phone with yabada/ yabadah. I'm not a German speaker but I figure that 'Ya' makes sense as yes but the following doesn't make sense to me. Could someone ...
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Welche Telefonbegrüßungen gibt es? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I answer a phone call? Ich frage mich regelmäßig, welche Begrüßungen am Telefon üblich sind und welche wann angebracht sind. Sowohl beim Anrufen als auch beim ...
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