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Frequency of the majuscule ß (ẞ) in modern German

I've looked at the question on here that relates to this one, but it doesn't really discuss the use of the majuscule eszett (ẞ). I've never seen it used but how often does the ẞ get used? I know the ...
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Evolution of the digraph “ae” in the German language during the centuries

I am German, but I thought I would ask this question in English so that everyone possessing knowledge about this specific subject could join in independently from the language it was asked in. In ...
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Why are the German guillemets inverted?

I've been wondering for some time, Why do Germans use inverted guillemets (»…«) in contrast with the original French use (« … »)? When did such usage begin? (They are originally French, right? Since ...
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Anführungszeichen bei fremdsprachigen Zitaten

Wenn man in einem deutschen Text eine englische Phrase zitiert, und diese in Anführungszeichen setzt, sind dann deutsche oder englische Anführungszeichen zu verwenden? Für deutsche Zitate in ...
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Double quotes in Switzerland for German texts (Guillemets/Gänsefüsschen)

I'd like to know which double quotes should be used when writing German in Switzerland. A Wikipedia article explains that the French « ... » quotation marks (Guillemets) are more often used than the ...
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How to type umlaut over a dash as in many German dictionaries?

In the German-English dictionary that I have, it shows plural of nouns in suffix form. When it includes an umlaut also, it mentions it by having an umlaut over dash. For an example from dictionary, ...
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Geviertstrich als Gedankenzeichen?

Wikipedia sagt zum Geviertstrich (—), dass er im Deutschen kaum noch verwendet wird, da er als zu lange empfunden wird. Was ist Eure Meinung dazu: Verwendet Ihr den vollen Geviertstrich (—) oder nur ...
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Was the “u with breve” of Kurrent- and Sütterlinschrift ever used in print?

Only recently have I discovered the use of a breve over the lowercase letter u in Kurrentschrift. Every source I've checked says this was a way to distinguish u from n in handwriting. However I've ...
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