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“am letzen Freitag” vs. “letzer Freitag”

If I want to say that something happened last Friday, I‘m not sure if I should use am or not.

For example:

Der Brief, den ich [am] letzten Freitag bekommen habe, ...

F: Wann hast du meinen Brief bekommen?
A1: am Freitag (habe ich deinen Brief bekommen)
A2: letzer Freitag (habe ich deinen Brief bekommen)
A3: (ich habe deinen Brief) am letzten Freitag (bekommen)

From what I’m seeing online, it seems like the variant with am is used whenever something happened on a given day (even though we wouldn’t say that something happened on last Friday; the preposition would be omitted in this case).

I’m a bit confused, so any help would be appreciated.

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