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Differences between "muss gut gewesen sein" vs. "musste gut sein"

I wanted to ask the difference between "muss gut gewesen sein" and "musste gut sein". To put it in context, I was told

Das Konzert muss wirklich gut gewesen sein

So, I've three questions:

  1. How is this case of sentence called? "gewesen sein" sounds like passive but I didn't find any similar Passive examples, so I'm wrong on that.
  2. Is that equivalent to "The concert must have been good"?
  3. If I say "Das Konzert musste wirklich gut sein", Doesn't that mean that the concert had to be good? (Präteritum?) . Is this like asking the difference between "It had to be good" and "It must have been good"? I wouldn't know the answer to that one.
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