A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Bedeutung - Questions on definitions and nuances of words, phrases or sentences.
2155 questions
Übersetzungen – Questions on issues with translating from or into German. Use with care as these questions are very likely to be closed as a translation request, which would be off topic. Don't use th…
1561 questions
Wortgebrauch - Questions on usages in German language.
1416 questions
Übersetzungen vom Englischen ins Deutsche – Questions on translations from English to German
1378 questions
Unterschied - Questions on differences between similar or seemingly similar words or expressions in a given context.
1247 questions
Wortwahl - Choosing the best word out of a list of alternatives.
922 questions
deprecated; feel free to edit old questions to remove it (see the tag wiki first). Use a tag corresponding to a specific grammatical feature, [grammaticality] or [grammar-identification] i…
901 questions
Präpositionen – Questions on prepositions, i.e., words that express spatial or temporal relations
Verben – Questions on the grammar and usage of verbs IN GENERAL. Do not use this for questions on the meaning, etymology, translation or similar of specific verbs.
835 questions
Bedeutung im Kontext – Nuances and connotations of words, phrases or sentences in a specific context.
835 questions
Satzbau – Questions relating to the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences.
787 questions
Wortherkunft – The history and languages of origin of words and phrases.
762 questions
grammatikalischer Fall – Questions relating to the grammatical cases (nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive)
Übersetzungen vom Deutschen ins Englische – Questions on translations from German to English
681 questions
Sprachgebrauch - Questions about subtle points of usage of German words or phrases.
570 questions
Suche Wort - Questions on finding a word that fits a meaning.
564 questions
Satzstellung – Questions on how to structure group of words to fit grammatical rules.
556 questions
Ausdrücke – Questions about meanings and usages of phrases
503 questions
Grammatik-Identifikation – questions seeking to identify a grammatical feature
Adjektive – Questions on the grammar and usage of adjectives IN GENERAL. Do not use this for questions on the meaning, etymology, translation or similar of specific adjectives.
442 questions
Redewendungen – Questions on idioms, i.e., groups of words that have a meaning not deducible from the individual words
402 questions
Grammatikalität – Whether something obeys the rules of German grammar
395 questions
Dativ – Relating to the grammatical case that marks typically the indirect object of a verb, the object of some prepositions, or a possessor
383 questions
Aussprache - Questions on how to correctly speak a word.
370 questions
Pronomen - Questions on words that substitutes for nouns.
364 questions
Nomen – Questions on the grammar and usage of nouns IN GENERAL. Do not use this for questions on the meaning, etymology, translation or similar of specific nouns.
347 questions
Artikel – on the German articles *der, die, das, ein* (and their declensions). Do not use for question about finding out the grammatical gender of something.
336 questions
Standarddeutsch – questions relating EXPLICITLY to the supra-regional German used in written language. Please read the tag wiki before applying this tag.
335 questions
Geschlecht (Genus) - Regarding the grammatical gender of German words. Please take notice of our guidelines for questions on gender-neutral language on Meta.
323 questions
Rechtschreibung – questions on German orthography that cannot be resolved by an online dictionary.
309 questions
Wortschatz – Questions on vocabulary; do not use for questions about specific words or synonym groups.
308 questions
Adverbien – Questions on words that qualify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, clauses, or sentences.
274 questions
Genitiv – Relating to the grammatical case that marks typically a relationship of possession or source
271 questions
Redewendung – Questions about common expressions used in conversation and colloquial speech.
263 questions
relating to a mood of verbs expressing what is imagined or wished or possible and is used to express doubt or unlikelihood
262 questions
Questions about how to use verbs, from a grammatical, syntactical and stylistic point of view.
258 questions
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