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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 1464
Bedeutung - Questions on definitions and nuances of words, phrases or sentences.
× 1206
Übersetzung - Questions on issues while translating from or to German. Use with care as these questions are very likely to be closed as a translation request, which would be off topic. Don't use this …
× 1029
Wortgebrauch - Questions on usages in German language.
× 1009
Übersetzung Englisch nach Deutsch - Questions on translations from English to German.
× 967
Unterschied - Questions on differences between similar or seemingly similar words or expressions in a given context.
× 925
deprecated; feel free to edit old questions to remove it (see the tag wiki first). Use a tag corresponding to a specific grammatical feature, [grammaticality] or [grammar-identification] i…
× 722
Wortwahl - Choosing the best word out of a list of alternatives.
× 601
Verben – Questions on the grammar and usage of verbs IN GENERAL. Do not use this for questions on the meaning, etymology, translation or similar of specific verbs.
× 567
Wortherkunft – The history and languages of origin of words and phrases.
× 563
Präposition - Questions on words that express spatial or temporal relations.
× 503
Bedeutung im Kontext – Nuances and connotations of words, phrases or sentences in a specific context.
× 465
Satzbau – Questions relating to the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences.
× 461
Sprachgebrauch - Questions about subtle points of usage of German words or phrases.
× 450
Suche Wort - Questions on finding a word that fits a meaning.
× 421
grammatikalischer Fall – Questions relating to the grammatical cases (nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive)
× 403
Übersetzung Deutsch nach Englisch - Questions on translations from German to English.
× 383
Ausdrücke - Questions about meanings and usages of German phrases
× 322
Satzstellung - Question on how to structure group of words to fit grammatical rules.
× 314
Adjektive – Questions on the grammar and usage of adjectives IN GENERAL. Do not use this for questions on the meaning, etymology, translation or similar of specific adjectives.
× 286
Redewendung - Questions on group of words having a meaning not deducible from individual words.
× 275
Aussprache - Questions on how to correctly speak a word.
× 256
Nomen – Questions on the grammar and usage of nouns IN GENERAL. Do not use this for questions on the meaning, etymology, translation or similar of specific nouns.
× 248
Rechtschreibung – questions on German orthography that cannot be resolved by an online dictionary.
× 228
Pronomen - Questions on words that substitutes for nouns.
× 223
Geschlecht (Genus) - Regarding the grammatical gender of German words. Please take notice of our guidelines for questions on gender-neutral language on Meta.
× 223
Whether something obeys the rules of grammar for German.
× 214
Dativ – relating to the grammatical case that marks typically the indirect object of a verb, the object of some prepositions, or a possessor
× 202
Artikel – on the German articles *der, die, das, ein* (and their declensions). Do not use for question about finding out the grammatical gender of something.
× 188
Adverb - Questions on words that qualify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, or sentences.
× 179
Redewendung – Questions about common expressions used in conversation and colloquial speech.
× 172
synonyms if they are different but have the same or similar meanings. Example: lift - elevator. German example: Aufzug - Fahrstuhl
× 172
Dialekte - Questions on varieties of a language in different regions.
× 170
Wortschatz – Questions on vocabulary; do not use for questions about specific words or synonym groups.
× 169
Standarddeutsch – questions relating EXPLICITLY to the supra-regional German used in written language. Please read the tag wiki before applying this tag.
× 165
relating to a mood of verbs expressing what is imagined or wished or possible and is used to express doubt or unlikelihood
× 161
Suche geläufige Wendung - Questions on finding a phrase that fits a meaning.