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Oldest audio recording of German language

Throughout the 19th century, a number of patents have been filed for a device to record sound waves in some form or another. The first such patent was issued in 1857 but it only allowed recording not ...
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What is this word at the beginning of this audio?

It's really a bit hard to understand the first time but he repeats the word a few times. It's librivox. According to wiki: LibriVox is a group of worldwide volunteers who read and record public ...
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Is there a German Dictionary with audio support?

As far as I know, almost all online dictionaries provide the audio for the word, you searched for. Here are some of them; Langenscheidt Pons Dict....
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Identify a conversation

"Grüss dich Anna, das ist Arnia" "Tag Sabira" "Hallo Arnia" A conversation of several people who introduce themselves and greet them. I don't know whether "Sabira&...
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Where to listen to Prager Deutsch online?

There is a wonderful CD by LENKA REINEROVÁ, the Prague author, reading from her own works. Unfortunately, I cannot find details right now.
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Where to listen to Prager Deutsch online?

It does not exist anymore as spoken language.(1)
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