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Dialekte - Questions on varieties of a language in different regions.

This tag denotes differences in vocabulary, spelling and meaning. Dialects may differ in grammar, too, but regarding the German language, differences regarding the vocabulary and spelling are more common.

Since the German language is used in several countries in Europe and even in some places overseas, there are many local variants in vocabulary and spelling (dialects). Therefore, a formulation common in, e.g. Austrian spoken language may be completely unfamiliar in northern Germany, and vice versa.

So, this tag may be used on questions like:

  • whether a formulation is commonly used and understood by every German-speaking person, or only in some regions;
  • whether a grammatical construct is a regional "speciality" or part of "standard German" (Hochdeutsch / Standarddeutsch);
  • what meaning / translation would be appropriate for some dialect word that may be not included in general dictionaries.

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