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“Hast dein Schutzschild genommen” – why not “deinen”?

"Schild" is one of the many substantives in German that occur in multiple genders - here in m and n. There is a bit of confusion in dictionaries (and common usage) on whether the gender ...
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“Hast dein Schutzschild genommen” – why not “deinen”?

You are right, it should be “deinen”, accusative masculine. Often “dein” and “deinen” are hard to distinguish (deinen -> dein’n -> dein’), but I also hear “dein”. Therefore this may be a ...
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Translation of "und der Gitarre traurig Klang" in the German version of "Remember me" from the movie "Coco"

That der belongs to Gitarre and it's genitive singular feminine. Putting the genitive attribute in front of the noun is a common pattern in German. Consider: Swantjes trauriger Gesang As Swantje is ...
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