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Your assumption that "einiges" is related to "einig" is wrong. "Einiges" is not an adjective, but describes an indefinite and "high" number of something (compare 3rd meaning). Er ist (um) einen Monat jünger als ich. Er ist um einiges jünger als ich. (He is a lot younger than I am.) Your presumed translation ...


There is an aspect to this that has not been mentioned. "Hopfenkaltschale" or "Bierkaltschale" was a real dish. When you look at cooking books from the 19th century it is a common recipe. From Dieter Gallun's. Aus Omas alten Kochbuch. BIERKALTSCHALE. 75 g geriebenes Brot 1 Stück Zitronen oder Apfelsinenschale 1 Prise gestoß. Zimt 65 g ...


According to Duden, Kaltschale is a kind of soup that is served cold. "Hopfenkaltschale" could therefore be translated as "cold hops soup". It is a name occasionally used to jokingly refer to beer. There is even a Duden entry for Hopfenkaltschale, confirming this usage ("umgangssprachlich scherzhaft" - colloquial and jokingly) ...


"Hopfenkaltschale" is a used word for beer, as you have correctly recognized. And "vegane Hopfenkaltschale" is then just a vegan beer, although beer is already vegan anyway. Und es ist leider nicht das Bier, das die vielen Inder jetzt lieber im Rachen hätten

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