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The "on the line" part is in Wiktionary (def. 2). "Neck" and "ass" are commonly used representatives for one's personal survival, or one's job or other figurative extension. So the above expressions just combine the two, and I don't think they're a idioms themselves since the the two parts can be translated independently. As ...


It seems that Thorsten focused more on the "put your ass on the line" variant in his answer. "put your neck on the line" is mostly translated as seinen Kopf/Hals hinhalten (für etwas) seinen Kopf/Hals riskieren (für etwas) Kopf und Kragen riskieren or - depending on context - figuratively sein Leben (für etwas) aufs Spiel setzen


Das deutsche Äquivalent hierfür ist -wie Dir jedes gute Onlinewörterbuch sagt- Sich selbst in die Schusslinie begeben Oder wenn Du beim Pejorativ bleiben willst: seinen Arsch riskieren Beide Beispiele findet man direkt so bei dict. Fürs nächste Mal: Üblicherweise werden hier Fragen, die direkt mit einem Wörterbuch beantwortet werden können direkt und ...


A somewhat more formal term is abgezählt: Bitte halten Sie das Geld abgezählt bereit. meaning that one is supposed to hold the exact amount ready in order to be able to pay quickly (e.g. when many people are waiting in a line). However, saying "Ich habe das Geld abgezählt" is somewhat unsual (although not incorrect).


Another helpful phrase for when you would like to round up and hand over that amount: "Stimmt so".


Where I live, you would say Ich hab's genau or Ich kann es Ihnen genau geben In context when you are shopping in a store, often prefaced by "Warten Sie" (to stop the cashier from searching out the change to give you - actually, this would have applied to your situation as well) "Genau" is of course the German word for "exact(ly)&...


The phrase is passend as, for example, in Ich zahle passend. Ich habe es passend.


You could say: Ich habe den Betrag/das Geld passend dabei. or short: Ich hab's passend. Passend means the amount of cash you have fits exactly what you want to pay.

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