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Nach umfangreicher Recherche lässt sich keine solche Untersuchung finden. Die Frage ist also leider mit "Nein, es gibt keine Verweise auf solche wiss. Untersuchungen" zu beantworten.


"Not exactly" can have different implications depending on context. . Let's go through these possible translations: 1) "nicht gerade" / "nicht genau" I agree with your tutor, I would never use "Nicht gerade." as a short phrase on its own, that's not idiomatic. "Nicht gerade" has its place in a sentence when ...


It's possibly a generalization from the literal meaning any amount, indeed. It works for example to say that the big man will pay any amount, which implies practically, for all intents and purposes, a hefty sum. A more convoluted derivation requires a fossilized phrase with independent development of the individual components outside the phrase. In ...

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