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Usage of und with an Adjektiv and Nomen

First off: the "Adjektiv" in the title is misleading. There are no Adjektive involved here. In fact "und" joins two Verben. In fact there are 4 activities described: Betrieben und ...
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Why do we add an 'um' here?

Um introduces adverbial clauses with a final meaning (specifying a purpose, to what end?). Er sprach lauter, um gehört zu werden. Without an introducing conjunction, infinitival clauses serve as ...
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Why do we add an 'um' here?

You're absolutely right. The um sounds very strange for my native ears and should be left out. I think people use it this way sometimes, because they think it's higher register and you could argue ...
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Why do we add an 'um' here?

Um … zu most times means in order to but in some contexts it means so as to. This is such a context. You can write that example with or without um, as you could leave out a so as in English.
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