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The first thing that came to my mind when reading your question was "Klischee" (as already mentioned by @infinitezero). But as you said cliché is just one aspect of the word trope The word trope has also come to be used for describing commonly recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs or clichés in creative works. For example, the "Heroes Journey"...


The English word trope is the almost identical to the German word Tropen. This is a technical term and almost no layman is going to understand what you are talking about. People studying literature or film studies (Literatur- or Filmwissenschaft) will. With most of these sentences, Google Translate is going to work well. I didn’t like the movie because they ...


We (Germans) would probably use the word Cliché/Klischee or the corresponding adjective klischeehaft, as in Ich mochte den Film, aber dass die Bombe wieder in letzter Sekunde entschärft wurde, war sooo klischeehaft. I enjoyed the movie but that the bomb got defused in the last second was so typical

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