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This is not a question of spelling per se. The two different spellings represent two different pronunciations: eure is pronounced [ˈɔɪ̯ʁə] and euere [ˈɔɪ̯əʁə]. The latter is the expected form that results from appending -e to the base euer. The change from euere to eure is the result of syncope, whereby an unstressed vowel is lost in the interior of a word. ...


The word "euere" exists, but no German uses it. If you want plural in your example, then use "Sucht ihr eure Kamera?" or "Sucht ihr die Kamera?" If you want to deposit, use "Suchst du deine Kamera?" or "Suchst du die Kamera?. I know that because I live in Germany and speak German. First I had to google "...


Both versions are correct and mean the same thing, and their spellings have not changed in the wake of the spelling reform. But "eure" is used about 80 to 100 times more often than "euere", and in the last 200 years there never was an era when these words was used with an equal frequency or when "euere" was even used more ...


Both spellings are equally correct for the possessive pronoun. See this Duden example: raucht ihr immer noch täglich eu[e]re (die eurer Gewohnheit entsprechenden) 20 Zigaretten? which is the same use case as in your example.

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