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Standarddeutsch – questions relating EXPLICITLY to the supra-regional German used in written language. Please read the tag wiki before applying this tag.

There are many regional variations and dialects in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Hochdeutsch is the standard German that can be understood by all German speakers. It is probably the only way for a Bavarian, Austrian or Swiss to communicate with a North German. Newspapers and other publications are generally printed in Hochdeutsch, which is regarded as ‘proper’ German. The standards and rules of Hochdeutsch are fixed in dictionaries and grammars.

Only use this tag for questions about standard German as such, e.g., how it is defined, when it is used, or how it relates to other variants of German.

Do not use it to indicate that you want to know about a particular grammatical feature, rule of orthography, or word in Standard German. This is not necessary, as standard German is assumed as the default anyway.